Marketing is communicating

It is the next step after defining our product or service
and who those things are designed for.
In other words, get the word out.

No business, no matter what industry, bricks and mortar or online, can exist without it.
“Who” is huge but so is knowing what you want those “who”s to do.

Do you want them to buy? Call you? Refer you? Get behind your mission? Adopt a ferret?
Each action you want them to take requires a specific strategy.

In marketing, there is strategy and there are tactics.

With so many tactics available how do you know which ones to use? And in which order?

Once you’ve picked your marketing vehicles, it’s time to get good at them.

I’ve created The Great Marketing Debate Video Summit to answer all those questions. I gathered 20 experts in online and offline marketing to teach on their expertise and leave you with their top tips to help you make your marketing more profitable.

Marketing isn’t sales, but it drives those conversations and makes a healthy bottom line possible.

And if you are new to me, you’ll find out that I love healthy debate. Everyone I interview may not agree with everyone else about what’s the best tactic to use or the “one must-have” in your marketing arsenal.

Below you’ll find a list of some of the marketing tactics we’ll cover and questions you’ll get answered if you grab your seat for The Great Marketing Debate Video Summit right now…

Bonus for Participants!

Tara WilderIn addition to all the great content and resources you will receive by joining us, you will also get 10 Video tips on how to be more productive in your online marketing efforts. Tara Wilder of Envivo Creative is my secret weapon when it comes to making it all work, and I’m sharing her with YOU.

Every day you will receive a 2- to 3-minute productivity video from Tara. Productivity makes the difference when it comes to running a business and knowing short cuts, apps, and how to get things synced gives it a boost!

Video Tips

The Expert Line-Up

These super-successful experts were my top picks and I was blown away when they said “Yes” and agreed to share their best tips and strategies with us.

By joining the summit you now have a chance to hear answers to the kinds of questions you’d ask (if you could get time with them,) and get to know them in a casual, conversational setting. These are not scripted interviews! Together we decided what was most important for them to bring to you, but other than that, as you’ll see, we went wherever the conversation — and maybe the spirit — led us. You’ll get way more than marketing with this group.

(Click on the images below to read more about each of the experts in our exciting Video Summit line-up!)

Karen Yankovich
Zhe Scott


Because Marketing is the Way We Get the Word Out about Our Business and Services and there are more marketing options than ever before.

How do you know which one is right for you?

My line-up of experts will help you decide this and many of the other questions you have around what works now and will it work for you.

First and foremost, the goal of this Summit is to deliver priceless content and REAL strategy, while bringing a healthy dose of debate to some of the sacred cows of marketing strategy.

Does everyone really need to be on YouTube/LinkedIn/Instagram/Pinterest/Google+, etc?

The intention for this summit is to introduce you to best practices for each of the marketing tactics represented here. If you are going to use one, you should know how to use it well. Another important part of marketing is strategy. You know, how the many pieces of your marketing fit together to get you the intended results…

More leads, raving fans, and customers who say “yes!” — over and over.

On top of that, you have an opportunity to hear from experts who are at the top of their games, have successful multiple six- and seven-figure businesses, and take a piece of them home with you. Each of the 19 people I’ll be interviewing have a free offer which will continue the conversation and training long after the recording is over. I’ve asked them to make their free gifts juicy and practical, like more tips, how-to guides, step-by-step systems for using the tactic or platform they will be talking about.

  • You Save Money – It would cost you thousands and thousands of dollars to buy programs or books from each of these speakers.
  • You Save Time – Working with experts helps shorten the learning curve and get us where we want to go faster.


Who Should Attend?

Newbies to the world of business: You’ve got your business idea, a passion, and a whole lot of enthusiasm. You may be signing up for all sorts of e-books, webinars, and other free resources on how to launch. End the confusion, listen to the speakers, and get started with the right strategy for you.

Young in business but making money: You’ve got clients, a program or product, you have some traction but your income is unstable, you keep putting things out there but all you hear is crickets. You know your stuff is good but can’t figure out where to put your time and energy. Frankly, you’re frustrated!

The Solid Success Story: You’ve been at this business thing for some time. You have a stable income and it’s time to scale. You need expert advice on where to put your time and money and may be looking to hire a marketing expert for a consult. You won’t get that level of help by listening to the summit but you will be introduced to people who might just be your consultant. If you are a DIY-er, there will be plenty of high-level strategy on the calls that you can implement.

PLUS… We Have Prezzies!

Free Gifts

Every one of our speakers has graciously provided a FREE gift for YOU,
just for signing up for The Great Marketing Debate Video Expert Series!

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Let’s re-cap what you get when you sign up for the FREE Great Marketing Debate Video Experts Series:

  • FREE tips and strategies from super-successful experts on marketing & more.

  • FREE Access to each video interview for a full 48 hours.

  • 10 FREE video tips on how to be more productive in your online marketing efforts.

  • FREE prezzies from each of our 22 speakers.

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About Your Host

Gregory Anne Cox

Gregory Anne CoxEntrepreneur, creative, writer, lover of all things marketing, and bringer of the wow. Greg’s super power is turning ideas into powerful words and masterful strategies for businesses looking to have a positive impact on this crazy world of ours — and make money doing it.

Marketing is a must.

Just like money isn’t the only thing but it touches everything, marketing isn’t everything in business but it drives everything. From the first conversation and continuing engagement, to brand, sales conversations, and customer service; it’s all marketing. And much of marketing starts with writing, a skill many people don’t have or don’t have time to learn.

That’s where Greg comes in. In order to stand out so you get heard by the right people you’ve got to connect to all of you and bring that to the page, stage, the virtual space—everywhere. Her secret sauce lies in tapping the essence of you and your projects through creativity unleashing exercises and translating that into powerful words. Her writing, coaching, and consulting skills are based in her 20+ years of work as an entrepreneur.

Greg’s services include done for you copy, individual VIP creativity labs to plan out your brand voice and strategize how to use it and where, group programs, and power-up-your-talk coaching for speakers.

In her former life she was chef to some of the world’s rich and reclusive as well as those in the spotlight, headed up NYC and California restaurants, and managed a fantasy Island-like private island. Every one of those situations taught her what it takes to be a top brand and market the unique aspects to every customer, top brass, or owner.

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